Wilson Polley
Character Information
Race: Caucasian
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Relatives: Sophia Polley (daughter)
Actor Information
Portrayed by: Peter Stormare
Appears in: Mind Games
Appearance Count: 1

Wilson Polley was a serial killer who appeared in Mind Games. He was played by Peter Stormare.


Polley was once a successful video game designer. One of his greatest hits was called "Pyramid Invaders". Three years prior to Mind Games, he killed three young women with whom he came into contact through the high school his daughter, Sophia, attended. He killed three women the same way. Though no evidence linked him to the first two, he was caught by Megan (it was her first case at the division) when his saliva was found on the throat of the last victim, Jennifer Marshall. He insisted that he was innocent, claiming that he had licked her throat while flirting with her. In the prison, he gained a wide online following who called themselves "Polley's Posse".On Mind Games he killed Niki Marshall the daughter of one of his earlier victims Jennifer Marshall to try to minipulate everyone into believing that he was wrongfully convicted of crimes he didn't commit. Megan then figured out his plan but he had already killed Evan Arnold a guard at the prison for his uniform. Polley went after Megan while everyone was at Bud and his wife's baby shower. When Megan never showed up at the party Peter texted her to see why. While she was unconsious Polley replied to the text saying she got held up at the office but he went to check on her anyways. When Peter got there, Polley was starting to put the hook through Megans nose to remove her brain like his previous victims. Polley and Peter fought each other all over the office when finally Megan broke free and shot Polley in the arm. Peter then threw Polley off of the balcony but then realized the he was stabbed with the hook killing him slowly in Megans arms.

Modus OperandiEdit

Polley's victims were young women who rejected his advances. He would approach them, punch them in the face and kill them by slashing their throats. He would then remove their brains through their nostrils the same way the ancient Egyptians did it to pharaohs, even using an authentic ancient brain hook.

Known VictimsEdit

  • Two unnamed women
  • Jennifer Marshall
  • Niki Marshall, a.k.a. Niki Shumaker
  • Evan Arnold (prison guard; killed for his uniform)
  • Megan Hunt (bound and attempted to remove her brain while she was still alive; rescued)
  • Peter Dunlop (stabbed in the abdomen with the brain hook)

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