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Third season of Body of Proof began airing on February 19, 2013, concluded May 28, 2013. This season contains 13 episodes.




Episode listEdit

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Abducted-part1 Abducted, Part 1 Writer: Michael Watkins Director: Christopher Murphey February 19, 2013 #3x01
Upload Abducted, Part 2 Writer: Director: February 26, 2013 #3x02
Upload Lost Souls Writer: Director: March 5, 2013 #3x03
Upload Mob Mentality Writer: Director: March 12, 2013 #3x04
Upload Eye for an Eye Writer: Director: March 19, 2013 #3x05
Upload Fallen Angel Writer: Director: March 26, 2013 #3x06
Upload Skin and Bones Writer: Director: April 2, 2013 #3x07
Upload Doubting Tommy Writer: Director: April 9, 2013 #3x08
Upload Disappearing Act Writer: Director: April 16, 2013 #3x09
Upload Committed Writer: Director: April 23, 2013 #3x10
Upload Dark City Writer: Director: May 7, 2013 #3x11
Upload Breakout Writer: Director: May 14, 2013 #3x12
Upload Daddy Issues Writer: Director: May 28, 2013 #3x13

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