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Second season of Body of Proof began airing on September 20, 2011, concluded April 10, 2012. This season contains 20 episodes.




Episode listEdit

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Love-thy-neighbor Love Thy Neighbor Writer: Corey Miller Director: Christine Moore September 20, 2011 #2x01
BOP-huntingparty202 Hunting Party Writer: Christopher Murphey Director: Paul Holahan September 27, 2011 #2x02
Upload Missing Writer: Matthew V. Lewis Director: Eric Laneuville October 4, 2011 #2x03
Upload Lazarus Man Writer: Andrew Dettman Director: Stephen Cragg October 11, 2011 #2x04
Upload Point of Origin Writer: Bryan Oj Director: Nathan Hop October 18, 2011 #2x05
Upload Second Chances Writer: Sam Humphrey Director: Dwight Little October 25, 2011 #2x06
Upload Hard Knocks Writer: Sunil Nayar Director: Christine Moore November 1, 2011 #2x07
Upload Love Bites Writer: Sam Humphrey Director: Christine Moore November 15, 2011 #2x08
Upload Gross Anatomy Writer: Diane Ademu-John Director: Eric Laneuville November 29, 2011 #2x09
Upload Your Number's Up Writer: Matthew V. Lewis Director: John Putch December 6, 2011 #2x10
Upload Falling For You Writer: Matthew Gross Director: Christine Moore January 3, 2012 #2x11
Upload Shades of Blue Writer: Lawrence Kaplow Director: Kenneth Fink January 10, 2012 #2x12
Upload Sympathy for the Devil Writer: Sinil Nayar Director: Christine Moore January 17, 2012 #2x13
Upload Cold Blooded Writer: Allen MacDonald Director: Nelson McCormick February 14, 2012 #3x14
Upload Occupational Hazards Writer: Corey Miller Director: Matthew Gross February 21, 2012 #2x15
Upload Home Invasion Writer: Andrew Dettman Director: John Terlesky February 28, 2012 #2x16
Upload Identity Writer: Christopher Murphey Director: Michael Grossman March 13, 2012 #2x17
Upload Going Viral, Part 1 Writer: Matthew V. Lewis & Lawrence Kaplow Director: Alex Zakrzewski March 27, 2012 #2x18
Upload Going Viral, Part 2 Writer: Diane Ademu-John Director: Tom Verica April 3, 2012 #2x19
BOP-mindgames Mind Games Writer: Story by: Caren Rubenstone
Teleplay by: Allen Macdonald
Director: David Solomon April 10, 2012 #2x20
When a cause of death seems all too familiar, Megan is forced to come face to face with a serial killer she helped put away

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