Dr. Megan Hunt
Megan Hunt
Character Information
Age: 52
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Health: Healthy but has a condition called Paresthesia as a result of the car accident.
Residence: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Medical Examiner
Former Neurosurgeon
Spouse(s): Todd Fleming (ex-husband)
Relatives: Lacey Fleming (daughter)
Joan Hunt (mother)
David Hunt †(father)
Co-Worker(s): Peter Dunlop, Dr. Kate Murphy, Bud, and Sam
Actor Information
Portrayed by: Dana Delany
First appearance: Pilot
Latest appearance: Daddy Issues

Megan Hunt is played by Dana Delany.

A former neurosurgeon and now a medical examiner. Megan Hunt was a brilliant, world class neurosurgeon until a life-changing car accident prevented, and still prevents her from continuing to work in the operating room. Now she uses her vast medical knowledge and investigative instincts to solve the medical mysteries of the dead and bring those responsible for their deaths to justice. Due to minor nerve damage sustained in the accident, she can no longer use her hands to perform the fine manipulation which is required for the successful practice of surgery. The car crash exposes weaknesses in her family life as well, since her relations with her ex-husband and child had taken a "backseat to her ambition", according to Time Magazine. She has to work hard to get her personal life in order. Ironically, the real-life Delany had an experience similar to her character. Two weeks before filming the pilot episode, Delany's car was hit by a bus in Santa Monica; she broke two fingers of her hand, and her car was destroyed. Delany said in an interview that she loves to play "complicated characters" and her character in Body of Proof is "complicated, smart, and definitely complex."

Megan's mother was a respected judge until Season 2, when she had to dismiss a crucial piece of evidence in a child murder case and was voted out of office. Megan's father committed suicide when she was a child. in season 3, Megan learns that her father left behind a suicide note and has the police's forensic labs analyze it for clues. It turns out that the handwriting shows signs of duress, which could be attributed to the stress of someone intending to commit suicide. Later in the season, Megan learns that there is a partial print on the letter that doesn't belong to either of her parents, leading her to believe he was murdered.