"Now you know how it feels to be powerless and scared."

Mason Geary, a.k.a. "Ken Dobannis" (an anagram for "skin and bone"), was a serial killer who appeared in season 3.


Geary grew up in the foster system and moved from home to home. While he was eight years old, he grew up in a house where his older foster brother regularly beat him and sometimes tortured him by strangling him. As a young adult, Geary, living in Arizona, learned how to perform organ harvests at an anatomy class at Arizona Tech. Shortly afterwards, he started killing male college students as surrogates for his foster brother.

Modus OperandiEdit

Geary targeted blond, athletic, young male college students who resembled his abusive foster brother. After abducting them, he would take them to a separate location, restrain them and torture them for 10-12 hours by repeatedly strangling them with his bare hands. Afterwards, he would kill them by slashing their throats. He then harvested useful body parts and sold them using an alias. While he killed in Philadelphia, he used an old funeral home as his base of operations and would bury the bodies on the grounds.

Known VictimsEdit

  • 2012: Unnamed victim killed in Arizona
  • 2013:
    • Several unnamed victims
    • Three unnamed victims
    • Brian Ellis
    • Michael Finley
    • Shawn Asher (attempted; rescued after being tortured)

Victims by ProxyEdit

Victims killed as a result of Brian Ellis' rabies being spread

  • Seth Boylan (infected by a skin graft; shot by Tommy in self-defense)
  • Melanie Summers (killed by Seth Boylan)
  • Norman Chen (infected by a cornea transplant; killed when being hit by a car)

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