Season 1
Episode 2
Writer Christopher Murphey & Matthew Gross
Director Nelson McCormick
Broadcast Date April 3, 2011
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Letting Go is the second episode of the first season of Body of Proof.


Although Detectives Morris and Baker are ready to attribute a double murder as a murder-suicide, Megan and the team find evidence to the contrary. Peter suggests that if Megan wants to reunite with her daughter, she should go slowly.

Full SummaryEdit

An interracial couple, David & Linda are found shot to death in their car. At first, the detectives believe it's a murder-suicide, but two bullets in David's head proves to be a homicide by a violent racist.

Megan thinks that Linda's ex-boyfriend is responsible, but in the end, Linda's father is responsible. After David had insisted on proposing to Linda, Linda's father used a gun to scare David off, but the gun went off accidently which killed Linda. Linda's father shoots David to death in a grief-stricken rage.

Meanwhile, Megan attempts to have a close relationship with Lacey again, but Lacey feels that her mother is smothering her and wants some space. Megan later agrees to give Lacey her space.