Jacob Mount, a.k.a. "John Q. Plague", was a terrorist who appeared in the Going Viral episodes.


Mount had a bachelor's degree in biochemistry. While working on a population study, he went off the grid for eight years. It was presumably during this time that he became radical to the point that he felt that the planet was becoming overpopulated and that a lot people had to die for the planet to survive. When he resurfaced, he applied for internships at prestigious medical organizations. After getting one at the World Health Organization, he stole a sample of marburg from one of their labs and went underground again.

Modus OperandiEdit

Mount infected his victims with marburg, a particularly nasty virus related to ebola which caused a number of symptoms including fever, cough and bleeding from the orifices and kills by pulmonary and cranial edema. He targeted public locations with few entrances and exits, a surface many people were likely to touch and little security. Having infected himself, he would spread the disease in the areas by cutting the palms of his hands and touching the surfaces.

Known VictimsEdit

  • Hundreds of infected with 100+ fatalities. Named victims include:
    • Marcel Trevino (infected; later killed by an experimental vaccine)
    • Dani Alvarez (hit by a car while delirious)
    • Viola Marks
    • Thomas Highchurch
    • Cameron Reilly
    • Alberto Reina
    • Amy Thompson
    • D. Meyer
    • T. Alvarez
    • E. Jackson
    • John Kim
    • Brad Wilson
    • Kate Murphy (infected by a dirty needle when sewing shut a body; survived)