Helping Hand is the third episode of the first season of Body of Proof.


Megan finds she has a special connection to a young woman found murdered in a seedy motel room. Meanwhile, Megan starts taking an interest in what's going on around her when she learns about some of her colleagues' personal challenges.


Dr. Hunt was taking the day off. But to Peter's surprise, he sees her at the crime scene. It turns out that she is filling in for a colleague whose wife just had a baby. A girl was found dead in a motel room. She was shot and killed – the bullet went through her arm and into her torso.

While performing the autopsy, they found out that the girl has previously undergone brain surgery. To Megan's surprise, she leans that this girl was one of her patients. She is bothered when she realizes this, and she can remember the procedure very vividly but she could not recognize the patient. Megan goes to meet with the girl's father. She finds out that she's had a huge impact on the girl's life. Saving her life, Megan has inspired the girl to become a social worker for child protective service.

Megan decides to take Kate's advice and start getting to know her coworkers. She makes her first attempt with Detective Bud. She feels that they may be able to understand each other on a deeper level because they have both gone through failed marriages. She learns that his wife had thrown him out and he does not have any kids. Next, she moves on to Curtis who was initially suspicious of the change Megan's personality. He reveals to her that he enjoys cooking and James Bond movies.

Megan's investigation of the case has made her feel personally connected to the case and the girl. She ensured her father that his daughter did not die in vain; she has made a lasting impact in peoples' lives. By the end of the episode, Bud was starts warming up to Megan.

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